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The Frugel-Horn Lite is a smaller version of the Frugel-Horn Mk3 for nominally 3" drivers. After doing the FHXL at the encouragement of the diy community, we did this one because we are really enamoured of the Fostex FF85wk.

There are 10s of early FF85wk horn designs that preceded this one.

The prototype (pictured below) was built in early 2015, and the design was officially introduced in June 2015 after lots of listening and tweaking.

As would be expected of such a small horn, it does not go all that low, but it does go low enuff to give the illusion of bass, and provides a very satisfying performance. Addition of subwoofers would give you a truly full-range system.

Sims show that a number of other drivers will work. Those are Fountek FR88ex, FR89ex, FE85. Vifa TC9FD, AuraSound NS3, most 3" TB units (some with the huge motors may have some clearance issues), Alpair 6.2 M & P (will require a supraBaffle to fit big bezel), ScanSpeak 10F... the NS3 are now happily playing in a set of FHL in Germany.

Frugel-Horn Lite Main Thread: Frugel-Horn Lite for 3" drivers

The Frugel-Horn is free design for any non-commercial diyer. Builders are encouraged to contribute at least feedback to help improve & fine-tune the Frugel-Horn. Commercial builders are required to fullfil a (very) few requirements: Use of Designs


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