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The Frugel-Horn Mk3 (the name is a cross between flugelhorn & frugal) is a redesign of the original Frugel-Horn with goals of simpler, smoother, more versatile, a bit taller... all have been met, and driver versatility has proven to exceed hopes.

recent review of a commercial FH3 build/system.

The 1st build was a prototype shown at the August 2010 VI diyFEST (4 years after the
original with debuted at VI diyFEST 2006). These had removable baffles and worked with FE126En, CHR-70, EL70, and Alpair7.

Since then 100s of pairs have been made, and they have met with critical acclaim. Even prompting it being called a "
timeless classic".

A number of other drivers have proven to work, Fostex FE127e, FF125wk, FE138eSR*, Mark Audio Alpair 7.3, Tang Band W5-1611, and a number of mid-woofers, with more expected to be fitted. Fine tuning is done with damping placement & density, room placement, Drivers like FE126En can benefit from a corner, drivers like Alpair 7.x or CSS EL70 have more latitude, and in many cases will need to have the LF levels reduced.

Deflectors & supraBaffles are optional. Woofers have been built into deflectors to give stealthWoofers.

*(FE138eSR has other issues no cabinet will fix)


Frugel-Horn Mk3 Discussion Threads:

The Frugel-Horn is free design for any non-commercial diyer. Builders are encouraged to contribute at least feedback to help improve & fine-tune the Frugel-Horn. Commercial builders are required to fullfil a (very) few requirements: Use of Designs