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  Bigger Is Better Tall, conical, chamberless, easy to build horns supporting a huge range of drivers (currently homeless)

  full-range forum

  audio-talk forum
Forums where much of the activity that lead to this site happened
  Transmission Line Speakers A spiritual pre-cursor and a sister to this site
  planet10-hifi Primary sponsor of this site & home of the box-plan library from whence some of the content for this site has been lifted. Source for -- amoungst others -- modified/matched Fostex & Mark Audio drivers

North American sources for Fostex & Mark Audio drivers
  Parts Express North American source for Tang Band
  Wilmslow Audio UK source for Fostex & Monacor drivers
  European sources for drivers
  Fostex Manufacturer of the drivers most commonly seen on this site
  Creative Sound Solutions Creator of the FR125S full range
  Monacor Monster German speaker manufacturer
  Woden Design Scott Lindgren's commercial site
  Flea Watt Derek Sanderson blog. He has built a number of frugal-horn boxes
  Mark Audio Mark Audio site